Tuesday, February 18, 2014

T for tuesday

Today's post is about teabags, which is something I never use

These are made from tissue paper, with bits of coloured paper inside and the tags were cut from a piece of painted watercolour.

Very short post today.  I may be missing in action a day or to here and there as I have begun two university courses, which will mean I am studying hard!


  1. Thanks for dropping by. I hope you will tell more about your courses, sounds as if you will be very busy.

  2. Great pages! good luck with your courses....you will do splendidly!

  3. I'm having trouble getting your blog to load for me, so today, when there was only one photo, I had no trouble with it. I'll be back to comment on the other posts that wouldn't load before, but until then, I'll just praise you for the AWESOME way you represented the tea bags and tags. STUNNING.

    Have fun in the classroom.

  4. I love this, looks so cool! Thanks for sharing and good luck at school!

  5. I love to make art with tea bags. I prefer loose tea myself but sometime the quickness and convenience of a tea bag can't be helped and to have that lovely piece of paper already dyed for you as a keepsake. Score!
    Best of luck in your studies. make time for breaks, they are just as important as the rest of it.

  6. CLEVER!!! this is such a cool journal LO
    Good luck with your studies

  7. fabulous pages! Happy T day and best of luck with your courses.

  8. making your own tea bags...
    such fun and what lovely pages you created!

    enjoy your courses
    and Happy T Day

  9. Oh nice tea bags! I hardly use tea bags anymore either.
    Classes? Sounds like fun! Enjoy!

  10. Love this. Great t-bags!
    Good luck on your courses.

  11. Very original! Two university-courses at the same time .... hope you can still find the time to blog ... :-)


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