Sunday, January 19, 2014

A day of painting.

All the art videos I watched during the hot spell, got me wanting to do a bit of painting, so today I had a day off from my usual routine to paint.
Here is where I am at.
This is a 3x2 foot, quite large canvas, so the eucalyptus flowers are a bit bigger than real life, probably about 12x.  It is acrylic, so it will need varnishing to get rid of the dullness when acrylic dries.  It still needs a bit of work, but I am pleased with it so far and really enjoyed putting the paint on thick, sometimes with a palette knife, sometimes a large flat brush.

Happy Creating!


  1. love the flowers, reminds me of my time in Australia

  2. Love the vibrant colors ... you paint very well. I don't know anything about acrylic painting so I don't see any dullness. Looks good to me!

  3. I have been off blogger for two days because it continues to give me fits. Glad I was able to stop by. I've seen eucalyptus leaves, but NEVER flowers. In fact, I had no idea they flowered. This is stunning and I am impressed by the size of your canvas.

    You commented about tea leaves. When I buy tea, I only buy leaves, but sometimes people send me tea. When they do, they usually send bags. I can't possibly throw them away, so I use them. However, all these bags were from a batch of what I call undrinkable green tea, because I got 100 bags for $1.00 US. The tea sucks big time, and the bags don't even tear well. But I use them when I make my tea stained art. I soak paper in the tea for about an hour, then remove it. Some of the tea stained papers get more tea than others. That's the fun part, because you never know what you get until it's dry.


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