Tuesday, January 7, 2014

More teapots and things

Another of my pages from my teapot themed sketchbook.  Linking to T for Tuesday

These two pages are linked by the cutout.  I do love interactive things.  the photo is of a teapot my Nanna gave me and I love.

Happy creating!


  1. WOW. Yes, these interactive pages are beautiful. I like how the upside down one peeks through from the last page of this spread. And the tag with the tea cup fit perfectly in place, too.

    It's good that you are one of the few people joining in today who is NOT cold. So it's fun to see what the other end of the world is doing today (grin). Thanks for joining T today. I'd love to share tea with you in the teapot your Nanna gave you.

  2. you are full of creative ideas. The teapot is unusual, I like the way the handle is attached.

  3. Hello, how fun and creative these are, love them. So fun each week to see what you will draw/share with us. I'm glad your in the warm part of the world, this freezing cold weather is no fun but having hot tea to drink sure does help.
    Happy T day!

  4. Love this, very creative. How sweet that you have a teapot from your Nanna, what a wonderful thing to have. Happy T for Tuesday.

  5. This is way cool and so creative, love the idea of interactive pages!
    Happy T-day

  6. This is really creative. Love the texture too.

  7. Really lovely and interactive teapots!

    Hope you had a happy T day


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