Sunday, October 19, 2014

A feather from a crow

Continuing on with trying to keep with a routine....
Most of my morning is taken up with tidying up, journaling and email, but once it becomes a habit, I am hoping it will be quicker??
Here is my unfinished Daily drawing
Sometimes I choose a very detailed drawing, and in these cases, I allow myself to complete it over a few days.  This is a very intricate shell, which I have only just started.
My warm ups for today, both collages and not much paint today, which is unusual, and even more unusual, my journal page for today
A landscape collage from magazine pages.  It took quite a while to make, so I have just left it simple like this, but I expect I will work back into it with pastels and paint at a later date.
 And here is some stitching.  This is a feather using free motion on water soluble stabilizer.  It will probably go into my challenge piece for Tangled Textiles, which is due on 16th November, so you will probably see a bit of this work in the next few weeks.

Happy Creating!