Monday, October 20, 2014

In the forest

Here are a few steps in my art journal page, which I am sharing at Art Journal Journey for the October theme of Deep in the forest.
I use old books for my journal, and usually start with some paint or gesso
Today I added some leafy texture with this little stencil.  The paint looks black, but is actually deep purple.
Of course after that I got carried away.  I painted some branches and leaves in and added some text.  It says "Like Art, forests just have to grow."
A few close - ups

Here are the rest of today's bits and pieces!
I finished the shell drawing.  I am quite happy with it.
My 5 minute warm ups
And I finished the free motion stitched feather!

Happy creating!

I ummed and ahhed about whether or not to delete the following epistle, but ultimately decided to leave it in.  I have put it down here so that you don't have to read it if you just want to look.

I have been thinking lately that my posts are becoming repetitive and that I should make them a little more exciting, but as I was taking my daily walk I really thought about my priorities with blogging.
As it happens, I had been wondering recently whether I wanted to continue blogging, for just this reason, the pressure to produce something of interest to other people.
And then of course I came back to the reason I started blogging - not to get lots of followers or to BE someone, but to just keep a record of what I do, and to see what other people are doing.
I don't know how many of you out there are aware of my situation, or where my life is at right now.
I live a long way out in the bush in a tiny town of about 300 people.  Not only am I isolated in this way, I am also isolated because  I cannot drive due to panic attacks, so I really only exhibit work at two nearby shows each year and cannot attend any larger art groups for the same reason.
My blog therefore is my life line to the art world.  Without it I would never have met a wide range of artists and crafters from all over the world and my work would not be anything like it is.
Basically I have decided that I need to blog, but, rather than blogging being  the aim of my work, it is best to simply make the work the aim and the blog a simple record.
It is like the dilemma when you choose between making the art that is inside you and making the art that buyers (or readers) want.  I already know that when art making becomes a job, for example with commissions, It is harder for me to be creative.  For me it is best not to go down that road.  Perhaps if I was still young and just setting out, then I could develop that discipline, but not this late in life.  I am set in my ways.