Thursday, October 30, 2014

The kingfisher

Yesterday was very busy, and thanks to a very slow internet it was way past my bed time when I finally got my pictures uploaded, so here are yesterday's pictures.
Today's sketch is a kingfisher.  This one is known as a sacred kingfisher.  Google it and you will see how gorgeous it is.  It is mostly turquoise and has some green and cream feathers.  Although I live close to a large creek and knew these birds were known in my area, I had never seen one.  I have now and it was a very sad experience as I found this one on the ground, saturated after a heavy storm.  Sacred is apt as they are so beautiful.
My warm ups - both collages
And my Journal page.  This one I am linking to Art Journal Journey, the theme for this month is 'in the forest'.  I have really found this theme useful on  those days that I didn't have an idea in my head!

Next month is a few days away, now and last year I joined in Art every day month at Creative every day. This year I have been thinking of a small project to do each day.
I have finally decided on small fabric and stitch embellishments/collages.  This was inspired from three different places.  The first is liz kettle who has been doing stitch meditations on an off through this year (Search for liz kettle on instagram) and Lynn Krawczyk's  petite stacked collages in her book ' intentional printing, and of course, the third is my own work and need to include stitching every day.

For my personal challenge, I will make one 4"  square stitched collage each day.  These will later be mounted in a 5x6 grid on  either a plain quilt, or felt.  Wish me luck - and join us on AEDM with my challenge or your own!

Happy creating!