Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunflowers, not daisies

since it is so hot outside and I am not feeling like boiling out in the studio, I thought I might give you a recap on where I am at with the daisies oops, sunflower piece I have been working on.  I think my mind was not in gear when I called them daisies!
I started with this photo I took outside the florist.
then I drew it on my graphics tablet.  I also drew it in my journal a few times.
I free motion stitched it on chiffon, three times.
I made a stamp of the design using sticky backed foam.  Obviously I have done some printing as the stamp is not quite pristine any more, lol.
Since I had my silicone plate out (read gelatin-like), the first thing I tried was to take paint off it with the stamp.  I worked well, however yellow and white are not a huge contrast, so it is hard to see here.  This will make great background fabric!
I printed all these on white chiffon.  In the last picture you can see i added an oops by accidentally dragging the chiffon over my palette.  Oh well more texture.
Of course now I had paint on the sponge and so not too waste it, I printed it off onto baby wipes.
The photo above was done using a moist wipe out of the box.  Big mistake as it was too wet and bled, however, I got two pieces of napkin printed when I blotted it.
These two were using only slightly damp ones.  And I got all these just off the dirty stamp.  I am sure I will use them.
I also got sundry other cloths and papers coloured in coordinating colours from cleaning up my work area.

I intend this to be a mixed media piece, so the papers and cloths will get used.
Now, of course it is time to put them together in a cohesive way.  I have been thinking about this for several days and probably will begin to play and think a bit more before I decide how it will go together.

Now as I was pondering, particularly about sunflowers, I thought of Vincent Van Gogh, who of course was one of my favourites and I also thought about our current Tangled Textiles Challenge, which I had been researching and thought that this might form the bones of my "Artistic Licence" piece.
On the TT page, today, is a mosaic of the work we did for the last challenge, which is pretty exciting.
In the past, we have not shown our work before the reveal date, but we have discussed perhaps showing our process.  Well, I have done it now, haven't I?  Very naughty of me.  I hope you don't mind, guys.
So  as this needs to be finished by March 16 (or 17 for me in Australia),  I intend to show you what I do as I go along, perhaps adding and taking away several times.

Happy Creating!