Monday, February 3, 2014

Free motion daisies

You might remember I drew a daisy from on my digital tablet from a photograph I took at the florist.  i did say at the time that I would be using it in textile work.  And I have.

Here I have free motion embroidered the flowers on some yellow chiffon.
I have also made a large foam stamp from the picture as well and I think that might be used on the background fabric that I will put behind them.  I also think that a third flower, perhaps smaller is in order to balance the composition, but I am looking forward to the stage of hand embroidering as I want to do lot of french knots in the centres!
Sorry I've been absent for a few days - weather and computer worries!  The weather got hot and the computer didn't like it.
We have a few cool days in store now, so I will be in the studio working hard, although the quilting and Art groups recommence this week, so I will have to drag myself away for those.

Happy Creating!