Sunday, February 9, 2014

odds and sods

With the hot weather, I have been holed up in the main house with some hand sewing, so today I will show you a little project I completed this week
You might remember I was making these little folded units here.  I was thinking of making them into hydrangea like flowers, but I changed my mind and made a box out of them.
Here is the box and lid.  I have not as yet covered the inside, but the part of the bottom that is covered by the lid is covered with a satin ribbon.
Basically,  I made my box from some recycled card and as it is a cube, each face was the size of nine units.  I made the top face of the lid slightly bigger - less than an eighth of an inch - so it would slide on properly.
I am really liking this little box and like the way the little units are textural like tiny little flowers.

Happy Creating!