Monday, February 14, 2011

Cro-tat doilies

Wow, at last some work to show.  I actually have been doing some crochet most weeks, however have been busy with my fibre art studies.  I made these two doilies a while ago and have just got around to scanning them.

This one is done with 2 ply cotton, and a cro tat hook which is about a size 2 to 2.5 mm.

This one is done with size 20 thread and a size 1 hook which I sanded back to make straight on DH's grinding wheel.  I do have a smaller antique hook, which I intend to use with 40wt, but it too needs a bit of adjustment because the hook sticks out too much for tatting with.
Small cro-tat hooks are hard to come by in australia, but I do remember seeing new tatting shuttles with removable bobbins you can fill on a sewing machine and that did spark my interest as the main reason I tried cro-tat was that I hate winding shuttles. Anyhow I am laid up for a few days, so in -between reading flat on my back, I might be able to fit in a bit of crochet.