Thursday, February 24, 2011


After an hiatus trying to get my bad back behaving, I have started back working, but of course, it played up pretty soon after.  However, I have done a little work on my sample for the wallhanging.

In the sample I tried both free motion and  general, feed dogs up couching.  Remember the white is water soluble, and will be a lace and fringed bottom.  I have put the skeleton in for this but I will do more work when the couching is finished.
in the enlargement above:

  • the first thread is a black and metallic mix and is obscured by the fluffy red stuff, I will remember not to put it in such a place in the real thing.  This is what samples are for, sorting out the problems.  This first thread is chain stitch, but as i said you can't see it.  
  • next is an orange boucle, also obscured, 
  • then the red eyelash, 
  • followed by a brown cord.  
  • On the other side of the curve are four more textured threads.  
  • All of these were attached free motion using a narrow zigzag.  
  • the next threads were done using the feed dogs up.  
  • The gold one used a narrow, long zig zag. 
  • the next two ribbon like yarns were done using a straight stitch down the centre.  
  • They are followed by a decorative cross stitch. 
  • The gold and the red threads next up used a narrow long zig zag in black thread 
  • and the orange ribbon used zig zag with monofilament.
I am pleased with the way these threads look on the back background, but as I said, I will have to do more work on the lace at the bottom, so it is not just swallowed up.
Another reason I worked on this sample was to create some couching samples for a Quilt uni course on embellishing with Susan Brittingham as I am very far behind due to my back.

Let's see what creativity tomorrow brings!