Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Opposites no 1

Well, a week has passed.  It was a very important week, I suppose.  I have been busy helping with our art display and kids workshops for the fire memorial and archive launch on Sunday.  It all went well and now I have finally finished my first opposites page in my sketchbook.
This is my brainstorm, or mind map.  The first idea, which was particularly relevant right now, was fire and water.

I started with a two sided, picasso sort of face and used the yin yang symbol for the eyes.  In the diagonally opposite corners I used  an old fashioned inks pen to write opposite words - one set in red, the other in blue.  Then I painted the fire and water over the top of the diagonally opposite quarters of the face.
Well, that is my first go.  I used watercolour paint on cartridge type paper and ink pens.