Tuesday, February 8, 2011

back on track again

After a very busy week with our big "do" on Sunday, I am finally back working, although I have to be away for a few days (thurs/fri).  As You can see from my design wall below, I have a few things on the go-
On the left, is a large raw edge flower which with be thread painted.
In the centre at top is a print of one of my paintings which is on muslin, ready to TP
Below that is a fish, painted on japara, which I will TP to go in a quilt for my fisherman brother
Top right is a needlepoint I am doing by machine TP (of course)
Below that is a poppy TP project by Richard Box from an old needlework magazine
Bottom right is a fabric collage of a rose, which I am making up as I go along, which of course, will be ...thread painted.

This will be a TP of a daisy bush.  It is from an exercise in Alison Holt's book.  I have done it a few times larger, to fit in a particular frame and am still working on the gravel.

This is the first stage of a simple Agapanthus plant which I am working on.  The smaller close up is where I am at with the flowers.

These two are samples of foliage following instructions in Alison Holt's book. In the first one, I sewed diagonal lines, but was not very organised about it, so I did it again (second one)  On reflection, however, I like the first one better as the second one has too much contrast and appears stripy.
So, that is where I am at.
I am also looking around with my camera for a new landscape scene for a large piece as several people were quite interested in my namatjira on the weekend.