Friday, May 2, 2014

Still digitizing

I have been absent for a few days,  but as well as having a bit of a cold,  the hubby had surgery on his wrist on Tuesday and is totally helpless (aren't they all?), so all i really have had time to do was play with my new embroidery machine in my free time.
I enrolled in a craftsy class on digitising and have been going through the lessons bit by bit.  I found it a really useful class and it made me much more confident and less frustrated.
Here are some of my samples from the course.
This is one of the early samples and even though it is a simple design, I learnt a lot, which will come in handy with quilting designs.
This butterfly applique lesson gave me tons of ideas for applique!
And this final sample was really interesting.  All of the lessons taught you how to do the design from scratch and I feel now that I could do just about anything!
And this last one is one I did on my own., Of course the lesson designs all  belong to the tutor, but since I am not teaching you and am basically advertising her class, I don't think she should mind ;-o!

Happy Creating!