Saturday, May 31, 2014

Birds on a branch

This morning I worked into one of my monoprinted fabrics.
I was a very simple monoprint of branches (which I forgot to photograph before I started - sorry)
I decided to do some raw edge applique
You can see in the above photo, the pinky fabric at the top is the monoprint, and I have layeres some sheer chiffon over it then free machined some birds onto the white branches of the monoprint.
Here I have cut away around some of the birds, The white bird is a template I made to trace around for the stitching.
Here you can see the monoprint that was underneath after I cut around the birds.
Next I placed a piece of green chiffon over to stitch some leaves.
I stitched a lot of leaves.
I did a bit of cutting....................
And then a lot more.  And now I am presently hand stitching the background.  That will take me a fair while.

Happy Creating!