Saturday, March 1, 2014

Flowerdale Quilt and craft group

Today was our monthly get together at our community house.  A very small group this month.
Here are some of the ladies hard at work.  The messy table in the front is my mess!
Here, Jan is embellishing a beautiful vintage print.
This is Sharon's amazing applique quilt for the new grandchild in her life.
Liz has been working on applique leaves with gorgeous fabrics.
This is one of the blocks from Casey's sampler quilt with lots of cow fabrics.
Here, Brenda is hand quilting her gorgeous quilt.
Here, Jenny is working on a beautiful applique block.  Of course you know I love teacups!
Anna is just finishing this quilt as you go with a black sashing.  As always her fabrics are wonderful.

I go confused as I went around the table, because Wendy actually had two projects on the go! Sharon actually had another project going, but it was in the other room being sandwiched.

And why,  do you think I showed everyone else's work?  Of course, because I didn't get much done!  I caught up on my collages for this last week and tidied up my scraps.  Boring.
But we all had a lovely day stitching and yacking.  It is so nice to have a group to go to that is close by.

Happy Creating!