Sunday, March 2, 2014

Digital drawing day

Today I am joining Terry and Joan at Terry's blog for their Digital drawing day.  Obviously,  My post is a day ahead due to different time zones, so don't go looking until tomorrow.  But make sure you do as their discussion about the sketches are very interesting.
The theme for this week was food and being the boring person I am, I simply got some out of the fridge and put it on some fabric.
I know I am getting a bit stuck,  having been a pastel painter in another life, I keep using the pastel tool. Perhaps if I promise you that net week I will use a different tool, ...... I will.
This painting was done with the pastel tool on artrage.
Now that I see it up on the screen, I don't like my pear much and my orange is bit little and mean.  I played a lot with blending in the background.  It was fun playing with the shades and softness of the pastel.  I have found that to lay a lot of colour down, it is best to use the softest setting, but then go back with a mid tone on a hard setting to blend.
I am using Artrage on a UGEE tablet.  This tablet is quite cheap compared to the wacom and I was disappointed when my hubby got it, but  really with the beating I am giving it, I am sure I will wear it out.  It or the stylus, anyway, so perhaps a cheap replacement is a good thing?
I have tried other programs and actually have Sketchbook pro and Corel graphics studio, but they are large programs that tend to hang up at times.  Art rage has similar features to Sketchbook pro and uses a lot less memory.  Another feature I love is the rotate paper tool, which allows you to have your paper at the right angle for what you are drawing.

Another thing I would like to try is to use different filters, as Terry did in last week's post.   I don't have the app she was talking about, but I could certainly use the filters I already have in gimp and corel.

Happy Creating!