Wednesday, November 14, 2012


For this fortnight's video (I hope to get it done weekly, be we will see), I am showing a step through of my last challenge piece for Tangled textiles, the topic being 'beginnings' (which I chose).

This did not actually start as a TT piece, it was actually my first video collage, but it became something else as I went along.  Serendipity.
Here is the video for those of you who are impatient, lol.

I started with the colours blue and orange in mind.
Some blue yarns, silk and wool rovings in blue on my foundation, which was a piece of furnishing fabric.
Some blue fabrics, including satin, organza, face wipes, nappy liners, fabric paper, textured knit, sinnamay.
some orange yarns and rovings.
Some orange fabrics, same types as the blue.
Then I arranged them to my liking.  I sewed them all down with a bit of free motion.
I left this to percolate for a few days and decided it was saying 'beach' to me, so I went through my sketchbooks to find something.
I found a sketch of the beach on the peninsula, where I grew up.
I traced it onto tracing paper, then freemotioned the main lines onto organza.
I layered the organza with another piece of organza over it onto the collage and started thread painting.
I started with a bit of gold on the beach.
Then some dark brown on the rocks on the point.
Then some light orange over the tops of the ridge.
Next I added some blue stitching in the water.
Then I filled in the ridge and the beach with lighter and darker colours.
I decided a few more light highlights were needed especially on the bushes.
I decided that that was enough thread painting and began adding hand work.
Some seed stitch and running stitch.  I decided I like the loose ends, so I knotted them on the top.
A few grassy bits in the foreground.  With beads, seed stitch, running stitch and french knots.
A few seed beads on the water to create wave crests,
And voila!  My piece was finished after the addition of some blue ribbon for the binding.

Hope you enjoyed this.  Now on to some 'blue' for our next challenge.

Happy creating!