Monday, November 19, 2012

Free machine embroidery TAMMS project

I have been very busy lately, getting ready for the first day of our community gallery, which went extremely well, and also with a few family duties, but now on to the next step in my November TAMMS you can post about what you have done with it here.
We have done several things so far;
A foundation
Surface design
Fabric manipulation
So this is where we were up to last time.
We had arranged the pieces in a design to our liking.  I have placed a piece of non-woven interfacing underneath, to keep it stable for the stitching.
In this post, I stitched everything down with free motion and added a bit of decorative free motion stitching.

First I stitched all the elements down.  I used straight lines for the folded squares and scalloped lines and veining for the leaves.
Here are a couple of close ups of the stitching.  It used a magenta rayon thread, a solid colour, however it looks quite different on the different coloured fabrics.  I just secured the hydrangea square with a couple of stitches in the centre.

Next I did some swirly stitiching on the painted batting background.

And a close up of the swirls, which were in a green rayon thread.
And that's all there is!  I find this step in my work to be the quickest.  I am really liking where this piece is going, it looks a bit like a tapestry with all the stitching and I am looking forward to doing some hand stitching next.  What do you think would be the right stitching to set off the design?

And Mounting?  I am at this stage thinking of turning it into a large book cover, but we will see.

Until next time, Happy Creating!