Friday, November 30, 2012

A break in communications

Living in the bush has it's bad points, snakes, fires and power outs.  This week we had no internet.
So, I had a little break in Blog communications.
I will be back next week as usual, hopefully (telecommunications being intact that is)
But here is a little eye candy for you.
This is a star book I made during the week.  I won't give you a tutorial, since there are plenty on youtube - just type in 'Chinese star book' and you find plenty.

I think you can see why it's called a star book.  Mine only had two layers.  I intended to put three, but the third layer really took away from the design as it was.

You can see here that the first layer was a metallic bronze card.  The second layer was black card which I cut into a lacy pattern with my silhouette cameo.

Here's a close up of the black lacy layer.

And here's the book when closed.  I was very pleased with it and intend to make more for the gallery with different silhouettes.

Happy creating