Friday, July 6, 2012

Leaves again

I have been working lately in the evenings on more collages a' la Beryl Taylor, although my content and colour scheme are a little different to her pastel scheme. My last one was red, but this one is green and gold.  Here are some of the motifs I am working on.  As usual, I have probably made enough for several, but they will be used.
 The top piece is a real gum leaf, under some sinnamay (made of abaca fibre, the stuff used to make fascinators).  The bottom three are just fillers made with polar fleece topped with heatgunned organza and magnetite beads.
These four are made using an oval yoyo maker.  I will decide on embellishment for these when I put everything together.
These are free machined on satin with gold thread on felt.
These are made from the same satin, folded so that the folds meet on the vein line, then appliqued onto felt and beaded.  However, I don't like the continuous beads and will re do the edges with a bead every few stitches instead.
This is a large piece, with a printed leaf on painted newspaper, layered over more sinnamay and satin.  It is thre focal piece, but I haven't decided what stitching to do on it yet.
These four are simply leaves with raw edges gut from various yummy fabrics, the lines are feather stitch and they are layered on copper foil on top of small hemmed squares of textured fabrics.
These four are some stretch fabrics layered on top of hemmed satins, with a little bit of  textured stuff I got from a florist's as ribbon and some quartz beads.

So that's what I have done so far on the motifs and I am busy stitching on the background
It is a piece of gold brocade/satiny curtain fabric with leaves on it in a pale green.  I intend to have rows of feather stitch in black, green and gold overlapping, so that will take a while.
Anyhow, it is very enjoyable to work on in the evenings, which are extremely cold here at the moment.

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