Monday, July 2, 2012

owls and air brushing

I have been so lax in blogging that my facebook is pretty much chockers (full) of pictures to talk about, lol.
First a little local stuff.
This is our usually lazy little creek this morning. It has been raining for a week and the roar of the water is quite loud, especially at night.  It is still a long way from flooding, but of course our house will never flood as it is on the side of the valley, quite high up.  Flooding only interferes with our access - if the bridge ever goes under, which it hasn't, even when the creek bursts it's banks.  But I thought you might like a brief glimps into my world.
Here are a few wishing owls, which I made after watching QATV 801.  Here arte a few more pictures.
They are very cute and quirky and don't take long to make.

This is a piece of fabric paper I made using dissolve water soluble stabilizer.  I saw this in QATV 503.  It is interesting, but I think I really prefer fabric paper made with PVA.

I have also been playing with air brushing, using a new mini compressor, we got a while ago.
Here is some nappy liner I painted using the air brush.  I want to use my soldering iron to create some waves for a collage.
While I was at it, I did this piece of fabric with some stencils and some fabric paint.  I think I will do this again with acrylic (which will act as a resist) and then overdye with another colour.  This might be interesting.

So that's it for today, cleared a little of my backlog. 
Here's  an inspiration for you.