Friday, May 25, 2012

More butterflies

No ATC today, although I could have made one as you will see later.
I have been working on my first task for christy tomlinson's Living canvas course.
This is a mixed media journalling course with a difference.  It's about exploring ourselves as well.
As usual, I put out way too much paint, so did a few backgrounds
As you can see, I am partial to green and purple.  I also like this texture, it reminds me of wisteria.
I also did a few tags.
Colour is not good, it was pouring all day and quite dark.  There is no black, it is all purple.
This is the bit of shelf liner I used to make the texture.
I also collected a few butterflies to play with.
First one is a modelling paste butterfly a la christie.  Second are some printouts of vintage butterflies from the Graphics fairy and third are a few different sized of die cut butterflies from papers and some from angelina.
And this is what I came up with.  Parts are out of focus because it is too deep for the scanner with the spine.
So here's a slightly better one of the front cover.  I made a stencil from the cut out  moth and used it to make a moulding paste one, which I put under to give the cut out some depth.  Some of the text is handwritten, and some is stamped and some are stickers.  'Changing' is black embossing.
There are lots of layers and I created a lot of texture with scrunched tissue but  it's hard to see.
So here's a bit of a close up.  You can see the cutout, some doodling, the raised embossing, and at the bottom the handwritten 'you' and stamped 'are'.
Here's the back.  I have written a lot of related words and done a lot of doodling.  The butterfly here is just stencilled modelling paste on the book, which I colured and doodled on.
Here's a close up of that.
I used a lot of gold paint and rub on on the book and it looks very old and distressed.
I am really pleased with it, although it is quiite dark, compared to those of many of my classmates.  It is lovely to look at and to touch.  I am looking forward to working in it.

Not much textile work to show today as this has been my main focus for a few days.
Monday, however is another story.
Sunday US time is the reveal for Tangled Textiles, So it will be Monday for me here.
My piece is nearly finished.

Your digi inspiration for today.