Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Beady beautiful and bit of cardboard

This ATC was  just made with a little charm square I was given.  I loved the fabric, but what to do with such a little piece?  Ah when all inspiration fails, bead it!

This journal quilt came about from a visit to recycle rescue.
The silver bits are pieces of cardboard, which are what is left over when circles are cut out of silver cardboard in a factory.   they reminded me of a double wedding ring pattern.  I placed them on a black background, then placed some filmy chiffon with a blue rose design over the top.  I did seed stitch with black thread in the melon wedges in the centre to define it then did running stitches in a low contrast thread outside.  I liked the way the rose or the underlying design is visible depending on how you look at it and I especially love the texture of the stitches.

I agree, that the inconveniences of remote rural life are outweighed by the creative benefits of the landscape.  Our land backs onto state forest, which begins about 100 metres from the back door and it is an inspiration to me all the time.  I can always go up (Yes, it is all uphill, lol) and find something to inspire my work.
Here's an example of something I found today.
 A tiny, tiny wren's nest hanging from the tea trees.  So beautiful.