Friday, May 11, 2012

embossed and embellished

This ATC did not turn out as I planned, however I will show it.  It is made with a piece of heavy foil, embossed with my embossing machine which is a teeny tiny one.  The piece of foil had three holes in it, since it came out of a computer, so I added three die cut flowers.  The green is an experiment with alcohol ink that went wrong.  I was hoping the ink would stay where I wanted it - but no, it had a mind of it's own (message to self - alcohol ink is very runny)

these are a few embellishments I made a week or two ago and hadn't gotten round to posting. the top two are made with milk carton caps, which I have a collection of, lol.
I covered them with a scrap of satin or silk, yo-yo style, then embellished the top with sequins and beads. 
Oh. before I started, I punched a hole through the top with my soldering iron to allow for adding the beads.
I actually have made more, but obviously haven't taken a photo yet.
The bottom embellishments are made from these tiny tag shaped bits of metal I got from laptop frames.  I loved how tiny they were and the cute shape, but had to think about the holes for a bit.  sequins and beads were the best way to jazz them up  and fill the holes at the same time.
Here's a few more being made.  I am looking forward to making a piece with some of these on.  But as you know thinking is a long winded process.  It will happen when it's ready.