Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Butterflies again

Remember the butterflies I made the other week?
 Well, I decided to make a journal wrap with them.  I saw Laura Kemshall making a felt wrap on Design matters, that she glued onto the book, but I wanted a cover I could remove.
Basically, I just made a piece of felt that wrapped around the book plus a bit more.
I used black felt and embroidered some of the butterflies directly onto it, then burned away the excess organza.  I also just embroidered a few outlines and added some dimensional ones (the ones I made the other day) on top.  I wanted it to look like the butterflies were flying in from the back of the book (to the left).
This is the underside of the cover.  The butterfly on the left is on the closure tab, and you can't see all the embroidery, because I sewed on two rectangles for the cover flaps.
You can see a bit better here, where it is in place on a journal.  The closure has a metal washer sewed in and the front cover has a magnet.  I think I will be making more of these!

No ATC and No inspiration today, as my hubby has used all our downloads and so now it is incredibly slow.  If my posts are a bit short for the next week, we can just blame him.  lol. 

Have a great time creating