Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Serendipity and a peek

OK, ATC number 2.
Serendipity, because mine is shiny and molding paste, too.  See Lisa's here.
Playing card, molding paste through a stencil. Starburst moonglow spray (I got it here) and silver marker

Also, today, a peek into one of the projects I am working on.
You may remember these sketches
Which ! posted recently.
Well, they have multiplied and are fast becomming thread paintings

these are simply what i call underpaintings, or sketches.  At this stage I am just sketching in colours and getting even stitches to cover the stabiliser.
And a new one.  This one I did not even sketch in my book!  I just sketched it straight on the stabiliser from a photo taken by a friend.  Not quite sketched out yet.  some water, sky and trees to go
Now this one, I did consider asking you guys if you could work it out, but I decided that right now it is a bit too hard.  It looks like an aerial photo, I suppose, but it will actually be a cross section of an opal.  the centre strip will be full of all the little coloured bits and black and dark blue lines.  The orangy bits are the rock the opal is living in.