Sunday, January 1, 2012

Newspaper collage

Today is just a short post, and happy new year to those of you on my side of the international date line.
I will begin posting my ATCs (every day OMG!) starting tomorrow, ie on the first US time, since it is my friend's idea and she is in the US.

Down to business.
I love Kim Thittichai's work and follow her adventures all the time.  One of the things she has begun using is newspaper and scrap paper.  If you have been reading my blog, you know I have been using newspaper as a great base for my artbook pages.
In December's issue of Workshop on the Web, Kim had a great article on making a collage using newspaper and so I had to have a go.
 Here are some pieces of newspaper which I have gessoed, randomly painted and them stamped with my motif of leaves. (The stamp was made from a piece of wood with elastic bands glued with contact adhesive.  I often do this with stamps that are composed of only lines)
Here is my collage assembled.  The leaf at the bottom left has been free machines and applied.  I decided I liked the rough edges, so I free machined the collage to a backing.  I have also added a bit of foiling.
The background fabric is only pinned around the stretcher bars, because I intend to do some hand stitching to isolate the leaf and to integrate the collage into the background.  I will also tone down some of my over enthusiastic foiling with some gesso and stitching.

OK, time to get some work done!