Thursday, January 27, 2011

Some thread painting

I have been away, doing the airport shuffle with my mum and haven't posted for a bit, but I have been working.
I have gotten my study schedule worked out,  and have been doing some thread painting.
I recently got two books by Alison Holt and have been studying them, even started one of her projects
I have bought a few small frames and one gave me the idea to do a stumpwork dragonfly.
This is the background for the piece.  It is only 2x3"

here is a sample of some variegated threads I thought might be good for the body, but I decided that they looked too even and artificial.
 and here are my wings set up to embroider, with tulle sandwiched between two layers of soluble stabiliser.
I will embroider the lines with gold and wire the edges with same.
Also, I have started back on a couple of pieces I was working on a while ago.
The first is a design by Richard Box from a really old copy of Needlecraft magazine (out of print) aug 1994. You can also see him working here.
and a needle point picture of a train which I am thread painting for the DH.
I have done a little bit of work on my large anemone quilt
As you can see, I have added the darks to the flower.
And, I have set up a sample for the first two layers and lace of my large walhanging

Not much to see, yet, and the chalk lines on the main fabric are a little hard to see.
Hopefully I will get some work done tomorrow when the DH is at work