Saturday, January 1, 2011

My Quilts

Some of my quilts never got photographed, but here are some of the ones that are.
 This was one of my first quilts, made quilt as you go.
 This is my latest quilt, and although not finished here, it is finished.  It is a Ricky Timms Kaleidoscope.  I cheated and paper pieced the wedges and was not happy throwing out the scraps, so I used them as a crazy patch border.
 This Rebecca's 21st quilt.  The star centres are photos of her, which I coloured in Photoshop to match the star fabric and printed on fabric.
 This is one of my own designs, which I love, however, the value choices are not wide enough to allow the applique to be visible.  Maybe I'll make another one....
 This is my split nine patch which we did with cathy.  The quilting and applique (not shown in this early photo) are becomming a trial, but I do hope to finish it soon.
 This is a small baby quilt using scraps and a shar jorgensen pattern of hummingbirds.  Although it is bound, it is not quilted yet.  Thinking.
 This is a convergence quilt (I made another one which I have no photo of and which I gave to Jodie for her 21st)  This one needs more since again, my valuse were not contrasting.  I have thought of perhaps putting some Libby Lehman threadplay ribbons on it.  It is intended for rachels 21st
 This is a quilt I did at spotlight QAYG.  I love the fabrics and the quilting, it will probably go to a new home soon.
 This is my masterpiece!  Every time I look at it I can't believe I made it.  It is a copy of a Namatjira painting in fused applique and thread painting and is 40" by 50" quite large.  It should go in my fibre art blog, but I put it her because it is a quilt
 This is an EQ6 of Mum's quilt, which was a very early one, made with furnishing fabrics, without stabilising and after much use is a bit the worse for wear
 This is a detail of thread painting on a quilt, which is finished, but I am considering unpicking the quilting as I am not happy with it.
 This was a medallion scrap quilt which I made up as I went along and which used a little bit of rose fabric I bought in Seymour
 This was my first (and last) mystery quilt workshop.  I love the quilt and it is very well worn, but I would rather make my own quilts and I don't think I really like cut and slash much
 This was a mosaic of a sunflower I made after watching an episode of simply quilts
 This is a very small thread painted applique
This is my log cabin (with a big mistake) which is now almost threadbare, ready for reuben