Thursday, January 13, 2011

some stitches

One of the things I am working on is increasing my repertoire of FME stitches.
I have worked up some samples.  I have used different colour thread in the top and bottom to help show the stitches in all their glory.  The first sample is me fiddling round with the bobbin tension, to see how the stitches will turn out.

Next, is the first stitch, feather stitch.

This is made by tightening the upper tension and having a loose lower tension.  when done in a circular fashion, the bobbin thread shows like red feathers.  I am looking forward to doing some of this with metallic in the bobbin.
The next stitch is closely related - Whip stitch
Like feather stitch, the upper tension is tight and the lower is loose (perhaps not quite as loose) and when you stitch in a straight line or a very smooth curve, the bobbin thread wraps around the upper thread.
The next stitch is my favourite, probably because it is so easy to do, moss stitch
Moss stitch is basically using a tight or balanced lower tension and loosening the upper tension  almost to zero and scribbling in little circles.  If you do it on wash away stabilizer, it will stand on it's own and look like.....moss.
The next stitch is really a set of stitches and is related to moss stitch and to pebble quilting.  It is called garnet stitch

This is just a scribble, really, but it is used a lot in landscapes to fill in and change colours
This is a heavier one
Bull's eye is just what it says and is used for putting dots for things like..... eyes!
Seed stitch, (this sample is not quite correct) is a circle with a tail
Spray stitch is the same, but has more than one tail.
I also try do do a bit of scribbling each time I sit down, so here is  some of my scribbling