Thursday, October 2, 2014

Too much stuff

Still warming up, and sorry, these pictures are upside down for some reason.

These were my two warm ups today, and I also did a sketch, but it will still need a bit more work.
Now this one is right side up -go figure!

The reason why I have not got anything else is that I am a bit overloaded with deliveries and classes and videos at the moment.  Lucky me I suppose.
I have had deliVeries  from Jane davenport and from interweave including a new gelli plate!  

I am subscribed to do studying under the masters with JEanne Oliver and five others and 21 secrets as well as 30 days in your junkie journal with Julie balzer.  I have also bought a few craftsy classes.  So a bit to get through.  Sorry about any spelling mistakes, my iPad keeps thinking it knows better than I do!

Happy creating!


  1. Well, Vicki, when the post went live, the photos were right side up. And I'm really enjoying these, too. Wish I were as creative as you.

  2. lots of new inspiration, ideas and techniques for you to try out - can't wait to see how they add to your work!

  3. Oh you are so creative... have fun with all this stuff and classes!
    I am curious with what fab pieces you will come up with ....

  4. you are certainly very busy with all you have to do, good to see the latest pieces you have shared today

  5. You certainly have a plateful don't you. The Junkie Journal sounds intriguing.


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