Monday, October 27, 2014

Sad days

The last few days I have not been very good about blogging or any of my online courses, but I suppose there is a good reason.  Our family dog, Rubin, died on saturday and we have felt a bit lost.  Rubin was nearly     17, quite old for a large dog.  He was spoilt rotten and loved lots of hugs and we will miss him terribly.  Ruby the puppy keeps wanting to go outside and look for him, which is hard.

I have been doing a bit of textile work, in the last few days.
I finished the quilting on this piece and now I want to add some hand work and beads, but I happened to lay my ipad on top of it on the table and realised that it was a perfect size for an ipad case!
I didn't use theone above because I had plans for it, but chose a pair of other grass prints
These have been quilted and I will put them together to make an ipad case!
I started a small free motion embroidery piece based on the sea dragon sketch from here.
Here is where I am with that.  You can click to make it zoom.
I have a sketch in process, but it can wait for a post  'till it is finished.  I have also begun making a few things for christmas presents and I will show you those soon.

Happy Creating!


  1. so sad to read your lovely dog has died, you will miss him, I know when I was about 19 we lost Peter, aged 14 and for weeks we used to hear him bark at the front door, not just me but all of us . Your puppy will cheer you and I am sure you love him too.

    What a posh case you are going to have for your ipod.

  2. I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your dog - my heart goes out to you. They are a family member and it is never easy. I still expect to be greeted when I come through the door some 4 years after loosing our fellow.

  3. I am so sorry about your lost .. I feel with you! This fabrics and especially the emproidery of the sea dragon - all ist fantastic ..looking forward to see with what gifts you come up!

  4. That was a pretty good life you have given him, it hurts like hell but time will heal a little and alway remembered in your heart our animals are our furry babies totally dependant on us for everything. Think of all the good things you did together and smile with the memories.

    Loving your art too, especially the art on your material, really beautiful. I'm also intrigued by your iPad cover.

    Hugs Eliza

  5. So sorry about the loss of your Rubin. Our bella is 16 years old and I tear up just thinking about when we lose her. Your sea dragon is terrific. Great work


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