Sunday, October 5, 2014

Inspiration and discipline

When I went for my daily walk today, I was listening to old episodes of Adventures in Arting by Julie Balzer.  She was talking to Roben Marie Smith and Samantha Kira Harding about Inspiration and discipline.  What they all said and I agree is that there is no use waiting for inspiration to strike.  There is no perfect time or perfect technique or perfect supplies,  the only perfect time is now.
This is something I have had to deal with repeatedly over the years and which I continue to struggle with, being a natural procrastinator.
My work today is a perfect example of this struggle.  Instead of putting it off, I just sat down at my desk and did what was necessary.
First I did my warm ups (remember 5 to 10 mins)
For the left hand one I use prompt cards and the right one just the junk on my table.
Then I did my daily drawing
And as I was working, I put my excess paint onto my journal page.
It is not finished, but here is where it is at.
I left it like this because I thought it might be a great beginning on one of those days when I am stuck (As I said, I still have to work at it)
My hubby asked when I was going to play with my new gelli plate, so, since I had finished the bits and pieces, I had a go and after a few prints, I switched to fabric and came up with these
I am quite pleased with these and can't decide whether they should be put together for a wall hanging, or framed separately.  Either way my brain is buzzing with free motion embroidery ideas!

I know that when I just sit down and relax into my work, inspiration will come.  Not everything is something I love, sometimes it is something I hate, but I learn from the stuff I don't love and in many ways that is more important than producing a masterpiece.

I also did some work for my online classes, but you don't need to see all that.

Be Happy Creating!


  1. another inspirational post - beautiful!
    Have a good new week!

  2. I forgot.. you asked me about the dotted lines on my today's page ..
    it's made with mini rub ons on a roll- they are from a discounter here ( think this is just in Germany and Austria ) named TEDI.

    xxx Susi


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