Thursday, October 23, 2014

A busy Day

I  had art class yesterday and got absolutely nothing done in my studio.  And when I got home, I just said to my self. "Don't stress"  And I didn't.
today, however was a different story.  I got a ton done, perhaps because I had a little break and wasn't stressed!
Here is the sea dragon sketch finished.
and I did another, sketch, a quick watercolour sketch of the ivy outside my studio.
My five minute warm ups.
And my journal page.  These are both Gelli prints from a few days ago. which I layered over a background I wasn't really happy with. I had painted the spread with red and orange paint and scraped it with a catalyst tool.  The amazing thing was when I layered the prints, which were on deli/greaseproof paper, the texture showed through on the unprinted parts.  I am linking this to Art Journal Journey
And miracle of miracle, I did some gelli printing today.  Most of it I did on fabric.
Here is one using a piece of grass as a mask
And, another miracle - I have even started free motion stitching on it!
And here are a pair done with another type of grass
I made a lot more prints, but I will show them to you tomorrow.

Happy Creating!