Friday, October 10, 2014

When the net is down?

We have been having internet problems here, although my hubby says there is a problem worldwide at present and that is why we can only access certain sites.  Luckily, flickr, blogger and FB seem to be OK, but Pinterest is dead to me :-(
So here are yesterday's bits and pieces.
Daily Drawing
Warm ups
And journal page.
This is an Emperor Gum Moth that we had to catch and put outside, because  Ruby the Kelpie wanted to catch it and was madly running and jumping everywhere.
I think I might be the inspiration for today's daily drawing.

I have posted over at Tangled Textiles about my current Challenge piece on feathers


  1. what a pain the internet is, that explains why I am having problems with pinterest and also blogger chrome is not working very often. Only one of your photos has unloaded on the bog the first one not sure where the others are, on my computer they are just blank squares

  2. just popped back and see the photos have all come through now,

  3. I'm glad I was late getting here, because for ONCE this week I was able to see all your lovely daily activities without refreshing or waiting forever for them to load.

    Super impressive from the fern drawing to the lovely woman. And the warm-ups are stunning. Always love anything with fabric.


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