Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Poppy passion

Today was Our weekly quilt group.  Of course me being me, I was crocheting!  but we all do different crafts when it suits us.
Yesterday My other half and I had to go into town to take one of my pieces for an exhibition, so this evening, after two down days, I got my act together and did my bits and pieces.
Daily drawing. Today a poppy.
My warm ups.  Poppies again
And something different for my art journal today.  Today I started on 30 days in your junque journal with Julie Balzer and this is my first entry in my newly bound Junque Journal.  I am really enjoying this!


  1. I love your warm ups and the drawing! You are such an inspiring artist Vicki!

    Interesting new event at Julie's I think - habe to check out--your first spread looks great to me!


  2. Love the poppies, Vicki - one of my favourite flowers, a close second behind roses :-) I am sooo tempted with the junque journal class with Julie, but I have too much left undone at present. Have fun with it.


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