Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The sea monster

Here are my bits and pieces for today.
And the reference to a sea monster.  This is the beginning of a sketch of a Leafy Sea Dragon, which is native to the southern coasts of Australia, in other words, the beaches I grew up on.  They are quite small, like a seahorse, but are also quite different.
My warm ups
The beginnings of my Journal page.  Tuesday and Wednesday are my busy days, so I don't always get things finished.  Hopefully I will work on this one again tomorrow, but I have a new student in the art group, so we will have to see.
Tuesday is my Quilt/Craft group and I was crocheting a cowl.
Unfortunately I was crocheting in the round and got it twisted somehow, so I had to unravel two rows of 300 stitches and start again. This time I decided not to start with a chain, but started with a dc foundation so I could be sure not to twist it!

Happy creating!

Thanks to those who took the time to read my epistle yesterday.  I think the struggle to be the artist inside is one that, although sometimes difficult, is probably a necessary one to actually produce something meaningful.


  1. fabulous pieces .... ad the quote is awesome for an artist! So true!


  2. the sea dragon is a new creature to me, love the seahorse I always think they can`t be real living in the sea.Shame about the crochet but at least crochet undoes easily and quicky unlike machine stitching


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