Friday, October 31, 2014

A mixed bag

Just a quick one tonight as it has taken ages just to upload a day's photos!
I was unsuccessfully trying to download most of the day, and backing up my computer, which also takes ages, so now it is quite late.
My daily drawing sketch is the nectarine branch finished from a few days ago.
My warm up pages.
My journal page, with one of my favourite quotes, by Emily dickinson.
I also spent a little time today sorting foundation squares of fabric, batting and felt as well as scraps and bits and pieces for my AEDM challenge, which starts tomorrow (For me).

Happy Creating!

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  1. You missed your calling. I know you are so good with leaves, but you are also a master of feathers. Both are stunning.

    Of course, I liked everything, but the feathers all caught my eye.

    Still having ISP woes, so sorry I haven't been around much. I'm also doing AEDM, so I'll be commenting about this time each night.


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