Saturday, November 1, 2014

Now it's November

So, it's the first of November, and here in Australia it is cup weekend.  For most Australian's it's all about a horse race, but for me it has always been about getting a day off, lol.
Now, of course,  there are no days off, since art is my work or my passion, perhaps.
And today was no different.  Our quilt group had it's monthly Saturday meeting, which was very relaxed.
I worked on this

Which I really enjoyed. It is the front panel for a stuffed heart,the pattern for which I found in DIY Holiday 2014.  You might be able to see the heart drawn in lightly with a heat erasable pen, but I think I am just going to make these in circles.
I also started my AEDM challenge with my little stitcheries
This is number 1 and I enjoyed doing it whilst some files were downloading!
I did my warm ups

and my journal page
I think this journal spread also covers daily drawing, as well! since I was playing with ink.

Art Journal Journey's  Theme for this month is "Studying under the masters"  Let's see how many of you know who my favourite artist is!  I  will get onto that tomorrow.

Happy Creating!


  1. My Goodness! I love your sewn collages--the red one is my fave, I LOVE red and the energy of the shapes really speaks to me.

  2. Lots of creativity ad lovely, lively colors…yummy!

  3. Nice splash of colors in the sketchbook.

  4. I have trouble getting ONE thing finished each day and you create four or five. You put me to shame, dear friend. LOVE the stitched piece with, of all things, a FEATHER (grin).

  5. I love the way you work with fiber!!So lively!! And your journal pages are beautiful!!

  6. Your fiber work is deliciously decadent. And that journal page - wow! So glad to have found your blog. Look forward to seeing more during this busy month.

  7. your first piece of stitching every day project is very nice along with the panel for the heart. As usual interesting things happening with the inks too

  8. What a busy bee & gorgeous work too! Happy first day of AEDM!

  9. Gorgeous artwork - I will put the journal spread to our last gallery if you allow.. it fixes so well.


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