Sunday, November 2, 2014

You guessed it - Vincent

Today is day two of AEDM and also of ART Journal Journey's Masters theme.  So I will start with my stitch challenge and my Art journal.

Here is my stitched square for today.
The background is a commercial fabric with a salt type pattern on it.  The top fabric is a scrap of chiffon which has had leaves cut out with a soldering tool.  I used cross stitches to anchor the chiffon and added some woven back stitches to the leaf shapes.

Here is my Art journal page
It is my version of Vincent Van Gogh's 'Wheat field with crows", one of his last paintings and one of my favourites, in acrylic, with one of his quotes at the bottom "Normality is a paved road, but no flowers grow on it"

My warm ups for today

And my daily drawing

Happy Creating!

Since I seem to get more email whilst Art Every Day Month is going, I may be a little late in replying, but I will most definitely do so!


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  2. I love the variety of works you produce every day! Very inspirational.

    -Julie from (not sure why Blogger has me showing up as Unknown!)

  3. wow - you definitely put out the creativity. Loved all the sharing - thank you!

  4. A wonderful post Vicky, and love your inspired by Vincent, just beautiful! Thanks for joining in at Art Journal Journey! Hugs, Valerie

  5. It's so nice to see textile art and I love this leafy piece, your nice stitching adds a lot of interest.

    Good painting for the AJJ theme, you've made a lovely sunny cornfield and I like the birds flying in.

  6. An adorable cover ist this.. I love those colors and forms in it - your Vincent inspired spread is so BEAUTIFUL..I love this quote ..used it a few times for my Journaling too...
    your warm ups are great to see and your drawing of a mushroom is delicate!
    Your are such an inspiring artist!
    Thank you for sharing all this with us and thank you for this fantastic entry for the new AJJ Challenge in November.

  7. First, I love the stitched piece. You know I've wanted to try that technique of using a soldering iron with fabric, but got scared after reading that book about how I needed one of those industrial masks. So much for warnings. I really MUST try this technique soon.

    I have that painting by Vincent. It is on canvas and sits in my basement. I always thought his was called "Crows over the cornfield." I remember the first time I unrolled the "Crows" canvas I had purchased, I had a severe feeling of disorientation, then repulsion. It's hard to explain, since it's now one of my favorites. I think I fell in love with it when I framed it.

    You make so many things each day, I feel like a slacker. I wish I had more time for art, but I've been running around trying to get my computer talking to my internet.

  8. Great page! Vincent VanGogh is one of my favorites too!

  9. Your fabric work is delightful! So rich in texture and colour. All your other work is lovey too - I admire the quality AND quantity!


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