Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Wednesday washout

Wednesdays are always a challenge for me.  Most of my morning is spent answering emails and then
 I am away from home for part of the day, I don't get as much done as usual and that frustrates me.
I set myself the challenge to do a stitched square for The Art every day month Challenge, and I have done that this evening.
But really, that is all I have gotten done!
Here is a picture of my first few squares up on my design board.
And here is the beginnings of a painting I am doing as a project for a craftsy class, painting wildlife in mixed media.
This is only the underpainting. The tutor, Sharlena Wood, really quirky and uses pastels and many layers, so for me, it is very interesting, since I had another life as a pastel painter. and I did this rather quickly whilst I was watching over my students this afternoon.  I will be working on it for a few weeks, I expect.
So, a little light on today, but I will be back to my usual tricks tomorrow!

Happy creating!



  1. good to see all your stitching pieces grouped together and a lovely painting too

  2. Love all of your offerings today! they made me smile!

  3. For once, I feel like you were a NORMAL human, rather than a super human. As always, I love your stitched piece. And I'm seeing real progress in your design board already.

  4. Your stitched squares are lovely and your owl is wonderful. I love his expression!


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