Sunday, November 9, 2014

And now for something completely different

Or maybe not so different if you have known me for a while.
Today, I decided to have a day off and play with my Gelli plate.
Here is my gelli plate and palette and space for cleaning off my brayer.
And behind me I have paper set out in piles and I also have Joan Bess' Gelli Printing book open.
I planned to go through the book page by page.....
These are bits of card that I covered with excess from the gelli plate.
These are baby wipes from cleaning up.  I can never bear to throw them out!
And a drying rack covered in prints!
As I said, I intended to go through Joan's book technique by technique, but I only got to the third technique!
Here are some of the prints.

These were very basic prints with the exception of the second last, leaf shape print.  the leaf print showed what I spent a lot of time on - painting onto the plate!
I painted this with a credit card.  For all of the painting on the plate, I added glazing medium to the paint to give it more open time.
This was my first effort with a paint brush.
And my second.
And my third.  This one I did after lunch, being inspired by a yellow tailed black cockatoo which we saw (and heard) out the window when we sat down to lunch.  It was very freeing to have to work fast instead of putting lots of detail in as I would in a painting.
So I had a very creative day!

I even got my stitched square done for Art Every Day Month.

Happy Creating!


  1. Oh what fun you had! Looks like I need to add that book to my wish list.

  2. what a busy gal you are and I love that final sentiment!

  3. It seems you had another very creative day! All those prints are so interesting!

  4. I probably should get that book, because I have only used my gelli plate once after begging for one for three years, and finally buying it for myself. I really like what you created today, so keep this up and I might get inspired to get mine out.

    BTW, I love the daily square.

  5. Thanks for sharing this via AEDM--I am learning so much about different kinds of art from what AEDM folks are posting. Now I've been introduced to Gelli printing!

  6. Great prints! I've had that book on my wish list and may have to move it to my buy list. I'm enjoying your AEDM pieces.


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