Thursday, November 6, 2014

another one of those days

Today has been one of those days!
Have you ever sat at your desk and felt devoid of creativity?
I did today.
and every time you started something, something went wrong?
Very frustrating!
At least I got some basics done.
My daily drawing
Just a thistle.  these are flowering along the creek path I walk each day and even though they are weeds, I do like them, being purple.
My stitched square for the Art Every Day Challenge
This one even has a bit of machine scribble.
I also did a tiny bit of work on my tangled textiles challenge which I blogged about here.

Happy creating!


  1. seeing what you have done I would say you were quite inspired

  2. Personally, I thought you got more done today than I did. At least you have some lovely art to show for your effort, and that thistle is beautiful.

  3. Based on your thistle and your stitched square, I'd say you had your walk along the creek path on your mind! (chuckle)

  4. doesn't look like nothing to me...lovely drawing and stiching! and anyway sometimes we need nothingness for things to grow from...Emmax


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