Sunday, November 23, 2014


Here are another four of my stitched squared for AEDM.

I am beginning to get quite a collection of these and they are looking great together.

As usual, I am working hard at my Tangled Textiles piece at the last moment!  This piece, is turning out to have a lot of beading, which is what I have been busy with in the last few days.  The link above is to my last update, but I will be posting my final finish on Tuesday morning Australian time.

Happy Creating!


  1. lots more creativity here today

  2. love these little fabric abstracts!

  3. Ah to be so lucky to be able to stitch by hand. These are all so lovely and well done. The hand stitching adds that extra oomph!

  4. I scrolled down and looked at these - they are wonderful! Do they stand alone or are they combined? I love the random stitching. It is full of whimsy and quite wonderful!

  5. I am loving your stitched squares, they are all so different.

  6. I like your idea for using stencils with the squares. I am eager to see the results!!


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