Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Warming up

The weather is starting to warm up here.  We have had a couple of very warm days, but it will still be cold on and off until Christmas.  But that is not the reason for the title of the post.  It is because I have been doing a lot of warming up collages and bits.  Here are a few.
And, yes, I know there is a spelling mistake in the last one.  These are just warm ups, not real pages, and even if they were - perfection is overrated.
And, speaking of imperfection, this journal page is a great example.  I wrote the writing with a stick dipped in ink!  It was inspired by the Art Journal Wisdom free course running over at Dirty Footprint Studios.  It is nearly finished, but you can scroll back to the earlier days.
Today was my quilting day, so I have been out gassbagging most of the day, but it is also T for Tuesday over at Elizabeth's blog, where she is celebrating 30 paintings in 30 days!, so here is a little  T-spiration for you from my journal!
Happy creating!


  1. Wow.. what a fab collection of collages and a happy Art Journal spread!

    Happy T-DAY


  2. Your warm up collages are really fabulous and so colorful! I am learning how fun it is to just experiment--although your warm ups look better than any finished piece I have created!

    Happy T Day!

  3. In Memphis we're having highs still in the 80sF, but we expecting cooler highs in the 70s this week-end as we get further into fall. I enjoy hearing what the changing seasons are doing elsewhere :)

  4. What fun warm up collages. Thanks for the link. I'll have to check it out. Wish I'd known sooner, since I need all the help I can get. YOU, on the other hand, are a master at collage.

    You are also a master at drawings, like those cups/mugs. They are stunning.

    Thanks for sharing all your lovely art for T this Tuesday. Glad to see you back and making art again. It's still HOT here, so I'll trade you any day for a bit of cool relief.

  5. great collages, and lovely tea art! beautiful...happy T day!

  6. Love the collages :) The last of the cups is beautiful!
    Happy T day :)

  7. What fun to keep it loose and free! I love the cups picture. Happy T-Day! :)

  8. Awesome collages!!
    Happy Tuesday!

  9. Great collages Vicki and such good advice to tend to our art everyday, just wish I could/would follow that advice!

  10. Fab collages. thanks for the kind words.

  11. Your drawing of the cup/mugs is fantastic!

    LOVE your little collages and agree that perfection is way over rated....LOL

    Happy T-day

  12. Love all the collages- I am glad to see you back in the creative mode!


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