Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Eye candy

I made these last night after I saw a picture on Pinterest.   If you look up just for Peggy by Octaviabloom on etsy you will hopefully see it.  I can't work out how to copy URLs from Pinterest or etsy on my iPad yet!   The metal circles are ones that came from computer cd rooms.  I have a ton of them.  I really like the results and think they would make a great embellishment.  Obviously I have no intention of selling these and hope showing you a picture is OK.

Happy creating,


  1. Oh Vicki, these are gorgeous. I love the hand stitching and the way you got the beads to fit in the center. I agree they will make great embellishments. I can see them sewn into art quilts.

  2. these are very pretty and amazed that they are CD rom based lovely job you have done. Very tempted to have a go but no I must stick to finishing what I am doing too much on the go already

  3. These look gorgeous! Interesting that they are CD ROMs. Missed you over at Elizabeth's T Stands For Tuesday yesterday.


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