Sunday, September 7, 2014


So I forgot yesterday........
But I remembered Today!
Here is my daily drawing - and check out some of the other work in the flickr group.
I am slowly getting back into the flow of working. I am also doing three workshops.
Junque Journal and 30 days in your junque journal  with Julie fei fan Balzer.
Express yourself with Jane Davenport
and Studying under the Masters hosted by Jeanne Oliver.

So I am doing a bit of drawing and mixed media at the moment.  I have been doing some fibre work, but am not finished anything at the moment.

Happy Creating!


  1. glad to see you getting back into things! Looks like you've got some busy times ahead with your workshops, but can't wait to see what comes from them.

  2. Oh my goodness ... glad you are back on your feet. I haven't been blogging for a while so didn't realize that you had been out all this time.
    the Daily Drawing sounds like something I should be doing. :)
    Wish you full recovery really soon. And I will see you on blog land again on a regular basis. Take care.

  3. what a beauty I would have to trace a leaf as my drawing is terrible I know with practise I would get better, could not get any worse but time is the problem or rather lack of it

  4. Glad you are back on deck Vicki. I have missed your posts. You will enjoy getting back into the crafts - enjoy. Love your leaf drawing

  5. Yeah, you are feeling better! Your drawings are lovely. Have fun in those workshops!

  6. I have NO idea how I missed this post, but this is another beautiful drawing. For someone who has been so unwell, you are jumping back in with both feet. I probably couldn't keep up!


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