Thursday, September 25, 2014

Being Busy

I have been busy.  but the bulk of what I have been doing is mixed media art.  I have got a couple of textile pieces going, but they're not finished.
Here are a few of the bits and pieces I have done in the last few days.
This was a warm up collage.  I am trying to do one of these each day.
This was another warm up, using prompt cards from Painted Pages.  One of my favourite books.
This was the page I did after these warm ups and after my daily dose of nature/walk.
I have also still been sketching
This was a sketch of an orchid I saw a few days ago whilst I was walking in the bush.  They are called nodding greenhoods and they are a little late this year.
You can see them in this photo.  As you can see they are quite small, but there were lots!

Happy Creating!

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