Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Oops, again

I have been absent again!  This time it was because a family member died.  She had had cancer for a year and we knew she was sinking, but it was hard to say goodbye to someone who still had a lot of life to live.
I have not got much done in the past week as a result.
Here is my latest daily drawing.  A tiny honeyeater that is about the size of a wren, which Tony and I saw yesterday on a daily  walk.
I have also been working in my art journal, but have been posting those to instagram here.
Hopefully I will have some textile work soon.  I have one piece in progress and also my Tangled Textiles challenge piece to get into.

Happy Creating!


  1. so sad when a loved one is taken from us, she is now free of pain and in a good place. what a beautiful drawing you have done

  2. so sorry to hear about your family member, may she rest in peace now.

  3. Sorry to read about the loss of your family member. Times like those are especially hard on the ones left behind.

    I always love birds and this honey eater is beautiful.


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